Women’s advisory board –

a community like no other

You don’t have to solve every problem alone. Imagine having a community of high-caliber female peers who you can turn to. An atmosphere of trust, support, and encouragement where fellow members will rally around you, listen, and ask tough questions. That’s what a Women’s Advisory Board is.


Once a month, we meet virtually to work through challenges and opportunities with a group of like-minded female peers. You get to tap into the collective wisdom of the group to help you grow as a leader and improve your business. Also, get a dedicated coach who will work with you one-on-one to further your development in between group sessions.


Our members must be willing to bring their critical challenges, decisions and opportunities to the group. Our members must also be willing to roll up their sleeves and help other members as they seek input and feedback on their issues. Most importantly, our members must keep everything discussed confidential to maintain the safe and trusting environment that make these groups so impactful.


Our community members repeatedly say they grow faster and feel better equipped to lead because of the relationships they form in the group. It’s powerful to spend time with, learn from and share ideas with people that understand you. These trusted relationships grow and deepen over time. Each month, you might need something different from the group – it could be feedback on an important decision, collecting best practices from people who’ve been there before, or just an opportunity to vent (in a safe space). No matter what’s happening in your life or business, your group and coach have your back.



“LK is a gifted coach and incredible thought partner. She has helped me to grow as a leader and take my career to the next level. She is truly so helpful in asking the right questions, pointing me to helpful best practices and resources, and, ultimately, expanding my vision of what’s possible.”

COO @ Software Company


“As a leader at my company, I often feel like I am expected to have all the answers. LK creates a space where I can let my guard down and think about the question “what am I not doing right now that I should be doing?” Coaching helps me to see around corners, identify blind spots, and think strategically.”

CEO @ Startup

New York

"We are smarter, better, and more successful sharing ideas, problems, and solutions with each other."



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