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Lauren-Kristine Pryzant 

I’m an executive coach who works with dedicated individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. I received my MBA from Stanford and my undergraduate degree in finance from UNC Chapel Hill. Drawing on my experience in private equity, venture capital, and at operating companies, I understand the challenges facing leaders and I can help you make real changes and great decisions. It’s my mission to make an impact on the trajectory of my client’s success and to positively impact their company’s culture and financial success. 


“LK is a gifted coach and incredible thought partner. She has helped me to grow as a leader and take my career to the next level. She is truly so helpful in asking the right questions, pointing me to helpful best practices and resources, and, ultimately, expanding my vision of what’s possible.”


COO @ Software Company


LK is a fantastic coach and she has been an invaluable resource for me as I’ve navigated the challenges of my job. I’ve learned a lot from LK and she holds me accountable as I progress towards achieving my goals. Our work together has helped me to be a more effective executive leader and develop skills necessary to reach the next level in my career. LK’s genuinely invested in the success of her clients, and I can’t recommend her coaching highly enough.

Executive @ Sports Industry


“LK is an incredible coach. I always turn to her when I am faced with difficult decisions. She is amazing at pulling out what is truly important in a decision. She helps me analyze short term and long term risks, develop a game plan to address the aspects that give me the most anxiety (or have the most uncertainty), and come to a conclusion I feel confident in. As a new manager to a team, I have leaned on LK a lot, and she has been an invaluable resource in talking through decisions and how to set my team up for success. She also is a great thought partner in career planning. Talking to LK always makes me feel calmer and like I have a clear path forward. She helps me get to the core of issues and solve them.

Recently, I had a very difficult decision to make about the team I manage. I was faced with choosing between two difficult outcomes, and the decision was causing me to lose sleep. LK helped me narrow down the ‘huge,’ daunting decision into smaller manageable pieces, helped me narrow in on what was important in the short term vs long term, how to address the things that made me the most uneasy, and come to a decision. After speaking with LK, I was 100% sure of my choice and was able to execute quickly without regret and have a clear plan for any issues that might arise. 

LK has so much great experience, has great empathy, and knows how to get to the core of a problem quickly. I don’t know where I would be without her.”

VP, Business Ops @ Tech Startup




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